You may subscribe to CRSP/RCPS either online or through the post.

If subscribing online, first enroll as a user. Then click on the "My Subscriptions" link, located on the right-hand side of your screen. From there, choose the appropriate subscription package. Payments may be made either by sending a cheque to the CRSP office, or through PayPal. This process is the same for both Institutional or Individual subscriptions.

If subscribing through the post, fill out this form and send the completed form, along with a cheque, to the CRSP office at the address indicated on the form.

Subscriptions Contact

Wendy McKeen
School of Social Work
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
York University
4700 Keele Street, Toronto,
On M3J 1P3

Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Online 1 year 60.00 (CAD)
Online 1 year 30.00 (CAD)
Single issue print request
Print Non-expiring 150.00 (CAD)
Institutional - Password

This is for small organizations without an IP range

Online 1 year 150.00 (CAD)

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Online 1 year 150.00 (CAD)