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Labonte, Ronald, University of Ottawa Institute of Population Health
Labonté, R.
Lahey, Pamela Mary, McMaster University
Lahey, Pamela Mary, PhD Candidate, Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University
Lam, Elene, School of Social Work, York University
Lamont, Barry
Langlois, Lyse, Université Laval
Langlois, Paul
Larivière, Claude
Larochelle, Gilbert
Lauriault, Tracey
Laville, Jean-Louis
Lawrence, Rosemary, Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia
Laxer, Gordon
LePage, David, Team Manager, Enterprising Non-Profits 810 - 815 West Hastings St Vancouver BC V6C 1B4 604-871-5477
Leach, Nicole, York University
Lee, Bill
Lerner, Anna
Lerner, Sally
Lesemann, Frédéric
Lessa, Iara
Lessard-Beaupré, Jean-Philippe, Secrétariat aux aînés, Gouvernement du Québec
Leung, Joe C.B.
Levkoe, Charles Z.
Lewchu, Wayne
Liao, Carol, Doctoral Student, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia; Director of Corporate Innovation, Tyze Personal Networks Ltd.
Lightman, Ernie
Linaker, Launa R, Doctoral Student, Department of Educational Policy Studies, The University of Alberta
Linde, John te
Little, Margaret Hillyard
Little, Margaret
Little, Margaret, Department of Political Studies Queen's University
Lloyd, R. Grayson
Low, Jacqueline, University of New Brunswick
Lucas, Philippe
Luce, Stephanie, The Murphy Institute City University of New York
Luke, Alison, University of New Brunswick and St-Thomas University
Lup, Fung Ho
Lux, Judy
Luxton, Meg, York University
Lépine, Rachel
Lévesque, Maurice

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